Collecting Aspidistra

The past week has been all about collections: Magnolia, Ophiopogon, Aspidistra and Geum. I consider myself a plant-a-holic (until someone silly trademarks that term), and have been collecting plants since I was a child. My first collections were of Sempervivum and cacti. It’s funny that my nephew also has this fascination with prickly succulents: I’m glad to see some of my plant collecting genes in … Continue reading Collecting Aspidistra

Plant buying trip to The Netherlands

Last week I went to The Netherlands. I went to see family and friends, but also wanted to buy plants which I could use in my tropical garden in Kent during the summer. As I will be opening for the NGS this year, I felt that was a good excuse to get some more unusual plants. My garden is heavily focused on foliage. It does … Continue reading Plant buying trip to The Netherlands

The Aspidistra flies again

At the moment I have quite a passion for Aspidistra. This houseplant has been around in this country since early Victorian times. It was first recorded by Kew Gardens in 1823, but it was named by John Ker Gawler i the year before, in 1822. For Victorians it was a sign of middle class stature to have an Aspidistra, so they often posed with them … Continue reading The Aspidistra flies again

Perfection in leaf major

Perfection in leaf major In a previous article I mentioned a few plants with variegated leaves. It is funny as there was a time when I did not like variegation in plants at all. To me it all looked like a virus. I also used to hate ornamental grasses though, and now I have a National Collection of them! This dislike of grasses was probably … Continue reading Perfection in leaf major

Visit to the National Plant Collection of Hamamelis (Witch Hazel)

Witch hazel nursery A few years ago I became a member of Plant Heritage. This organisation is all about the conservation of garden plants through National Plant Collections. I am Collections Coordinator for Kent, which is an amazing thing to do. I get to speak to other plant nuts about their collections and geek out over rare and unusual plants they are growing. Quite often … Continue reading Visit to the National Plant Collection of Hamamelis (Witch Hazel)